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Nutrisystem® offers completely structured, 28-Day weight meal plans based on the proven science of the Glycemic Index. This science shows eating low-glycemic meals 5 to 6 times a day helps keep your blood sugar and metabolism stable, and enables your body to burn calories more effectively. The weight meals feature foods with low-glycemic “good” carbohydrates, protein, low sodium, low-fat and no trans fats, all designed to help you feel full longer. The weight meals also include soluble fiber to help promote heart health. Using 35 years of weight loss know-how, the program combines variety, nutrition, hunger control, and convenience with meal options created exclusively to eat and lose weight.

The first step is to select 28-days of weight meals right for you to eat and lose weight. There are 2 main weight meal plan options: 1)simply start with the pre-selected Favorites Package, or 2) opt to customize your weight meals with the foods you love (Fresh-frozen items cannot be customized). There are 4 Favorites Packages – Basic, Over 65, Diabetic and Vegetarian . You can place one 28-Day program order, or enroll in the auto-delivery program for recurring monthly deliveries at a discount.

You receive your order in 4 to 10 days, along with a Nutrisystem® Results Kit. Follow the provided weight Meal Planner to prepare healthy weight meals combining Nutrisystem® foods with grocery items like fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and dairy items. The weight Meal Planner teaches portion control, and how to eat often throughout the day to prevent cravings.

With your purchase, you get access to the comprehensive Nutrisystem® members-only website. You can use personal tracking tools to monitor your progress. You also can join a community challenge, chat room or discussion board and meet other members, share tips, hopes, trials and triumphs. Weight loss counselors to help you eat and lose weight are available as well.  Following is a list of the free online tools.

  • Comprehensive online food diary & diet trackers
  • Motivational progress reports
  • Dynamic discussion boards, blogs and chat rooms
  • Personal advice from counselors and dietitians
  • Convenient account management
  • Inventive Recipe Center full of fun ideas
  • Unique exercise forums featuring tips and routines
  • Inspiring and informative online newsletter & Daily Dose

Nutrisystem® upgraded their weight meals menu for 2011, and now offers over 150 chef-inspired entrées and desserts including gourmet, fresh-frozen items.

Nutrisystem® claims: a) 9 out of 10 customers Nutrisystem® over all other weight meal plans they have tried, b) 4 out of 5 customers say they love the food and it satisfies their hunger, c) 9 out of 10 customers say no other weight meal program they tried is easier to follow, easier to stay on, and more convenient, d) 4 out of 5 customers say Nutrisystem® provides the best value for their money over any weight meal program they have tried.

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