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FormulaZone, created by Dr. Barry Sears, taught cardiologists to use weight meal plans to treat heart disease and diabetes. Those two diseases cause excess production of the hormone insulin, the underlying hormonal disturbance that causes obesity. Patients on the program reported eating balanced weight meals made them feel better and most of them noticed they were losing weight. This demonstrates that when you follow a nutritionally balanced weight meal plan, it enables your body to keep you healthy. This includes dropping the extra pounds your body does not need. Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Costner, and other celebrities discovered this weight meal plan and made the FormulaZone an integral part of their lives to eat and lose weight.

Celebrities in The Zone

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of the amount and the rate of increase in blood sugar after eating a carbohydrate. This is called the glycemic load. The higher the GI, the larger the rise in blood sugar and release of insulin. This is important because the more insulin in your system, the more fat you retain.

Foods with high glycemic loads (like candy bars) will give you fast, abundant energy. But this quickly fades, and is replaced by sleepiness. When you eat low glycemic carbohydrates like an apple or orange, you are less hungry between weight meals and more mentally clear. So you feel better, lose fat, have more energy, and have a stable mood.

40-30-30 Balanced Nutrition

FormulaZone promotes a calorie ratio of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent proteins, and 30 percent fat. Weight meal plans with this calorie ratio reduces your glycemic load and thus the amount of fat you retain. This balance also provides the three key macro nutrients needed to keep a body in hormonal balance. The goal is to:

  • Provide enough low glycemic carbohydrates to feed your brain and keep you sharp mentally, without spiking your blood sugar and triggering an insulin response.
  • Provide enough protein to maintain muscle mass, and trigger fat burning through release of the hormone glucagon.
  • Provide enough fat that the body can absorb fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, E, and K, and Linoleic acid (necessary for growth and reproduction).

FormulaZone built the website to help people stay in the low glycemic 40-30-30 “Zone” without the calculations and complications. Every one of the more than 3,100 Zone recipes shows the GI of the weight meal. You can even search for recipes based on their GI numbers, or build and save your own recipes. If you need the GI of food you picked up at the store, simply type in the name of the food. The software then breaks down the nutrients and does the math so you can easily see if it is a food you can eat and lose weight in the Zone.

Type 1 diabetes (your body does not make insulin) or Type 2 diabetes (your body is resistant to insulin, and eventually stops making insulin) both respond well to low glycemic weight meal plans. FormulaZone makes low glycemic an easy choice to follow.

As a vegetarian, you know it’s hard to get enough protein. With FormulaZone you can eat vegetables and maintain a Zoned 40-30-30 balance. In fact, vegetarian members have submitted some of the vegetarian weight meals to eat and lose weight offered by FormulaZone.

Following are tools available to members of the FormulaZone:

The Diet Profiler works in both English and metric units to calculate your body mass index, suggested goal weight, and the number of calories you should eat daily to meet that goal. In addition, you can choose to avoid a specific food group (dairy, alcohol, beef, etc). The Profiler will carry this information into your member personal profile and immediately suggest weight meals you like in portions customized for you.

The Label Analyzer uses information from a product’s nutritional panel to instantly compute the calorie ratio and estimate the glycemic index. With one click you get a list of foods you can add to balance your weight meal plan.

The Substitution Analyzer finds replacements for a particular food that you don’t like so you don’t have to forever skip that recipe. Chances are there’s another ingredient that will provide a similar nutritional value, so that you can still enjoy your weight meals.

The Family Style tool computes the proper portion size for each family member and produces a shopping list to build the family weight meal plan.

The Progress Log is a powerful motivator and has some excellent features to aid your log keeping. Weigh yourself once a week, on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day. Enter the date, and notes about circumstances that may affect your rate of weight change. The Logger charts your weight loss progress for you to see at a glance.

The Recipe Builder creates your own private library of recipes personalized to your preferences. There’s no limit to the number of entries in your file. Members can share their recipes with other FormulaZone members by marking them for sharing. You can search these public recipes for weight meals suited for you. You can rate recipes on a scale one to five. Nothing you rate less than a three ever shows up in your Weight Meal Planner again.

The Menu Planner allows you to search recipes by rating, influence how often a recipe shows up in your planner, and use the Hide feature to keep a recipe from appearing in your menus. The Favorite feature lets you create a personal cookbook of favorite balanced weight meals. The Menu Planner learns your needs and preferences as you use it, then automatically produce weight meal plans customized for you and your family.

The Shopping List, once you approve the weight meals in your planner, calculates and summarizes the ingredients and portions on a shopping list you use to buy exactly what you need to stay in the Zone. This shopping list is a major time saver because it’s organized by department: dairy, baked goods, canned goods, produce, etc.

The Recipe Builder lets you customize your weight meals, down to your choice of ingredients. In your preferences, you set your balance ratios, glycemic index, and such. Then plug in your favorite recipes, and adjust as necessary so they are in Zone balance. You can even pick a single ingredient to start, and as you add other ingredients to the recipe, watch as the carbs, protein, and fat are all automatically added to show the balance ratio and glycemic load. If you eat at a restaurant, you can type in what you ate to see how it affects your diet. This feature is used to compare entrées from different restaurants to see which ones are closest to the Zone.

It takes about 7 minutes to sign up and have your whole family getting trim, and healthy eating in the Zone. The results are guaranteed as follows:

Money Back GuaranteeTry FormulaZone for 14 days.
If for any reason you are not completely delighted, they will refund every penny.  That‘s all it takes, no questions asked.

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