Denise Austin Fit Forever

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Denise Austin

Denise Austin is a pioneer in the exercise and sports industry. She has sold more than 20 million exercise videos and DVD’s, authored more than 10 books on fitness, and starred in the longest running fitness show in the history of television. Denise Austin Fit Forever is a weight meals plan designed to help you make smart choices that will improve your mind, body and spirit. As a member, you receive customized weight meals to eat and lose weight, as well as a fitness plans targeted to meet your personal goals. And you have access to a suite of 15 online tools to help track your progress. The program provides support every step of the way to keep you excited, motivated, and on the path to reaching your goals.

The website provides easy, delicious weight meals designed to deliver the exact number of calories you should consume for good weight loss. You learn how to choose the right foods for your body, and you get advice on shopping for healthy ingredients. You can eat and lose weight with your favorite foods, including treats, as you shed pounds quickly and safely.

Included is a personal fitness program you customize for your daily exercise routine according to your fitness level and target fat zones. The fitness program has “Daily Dozen” routines that feature 12 strength-training and toning exercises, stretching moves, and yoga poses. In addition you receive focus sets, which are groups of bonus exercises added to your weekly routine. These are customized to work your trouble spots like the upper body, lower body, or midsection. Plus there is plenty of cardio, which is a key element in burning fat and keeping your heart healthy.

The website has a unique “Feel Great”section to boost your confidence, keep you motivated, and help you create and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This section serves as an online personal trainer. It features daily motivational messages, called “Deniseologies”, and sharing tips to help you relax, take time for yourself and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Plus, you have access to Message Boards, where you can chat with others who are working towards the same goal to eat and lose weight.

A “Stay Strong” section keeps you up-to-date with special features on pregnancy and family, perimenopause and menopause, and healthy aging and bone strength. There’s also a helpful checklist of routine health screenings for both women and men, plus tips for better heart health, all to keep you at your optimal health no matter how old you are.

Denise’s trademark zest for life, positive outlook, and can-do attitude have endeared her to millions of fans across the country — and around the world — and earned her the reputation as “America’s favorite fitness expert.” A multimedia talent, Denise is a top-selling author and a highly sought-after speaker and TV personality. Her upbeat energy and unique ability to make people feel that she’s right there with them, cheering them on, have inspired the millions who watch her on television, read her books, or follow her videos and DVDs.

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