Shrink Yourself

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Shrink Yourself was created by Dr, Roger Gould, a psychiatrist who has worked over four decades with thousands of overweight people to help them eat and lose weight . The goal of this weight meal plan is to help you learn a new way of thinking about food so food is no longer emotional medicine, (relief, reward, numbing, tranquilizing). Instead, food will be eaten for pleasure and health. Shrink Yourself is used by over 30,000 people, 22 clinics and 20 hospitals.

Dr. Gould

Emotional Eating (Binge Eating, Overeating, Compulsive Eating, Food Addiction) is a strong and automatic habit. It is very difficult to break habits just by knowing something or exercising will-power. Emotional eating becomes a problem because over-eating is used to satisfy, numb or avoid emotions and frustrations. You become dependent on food as comfort to cope with life. If you are in the habit of emotional eating for reasons other than what your body needs, you cannot eat and lose weight no matter how much will power you exert.

When you shut down your emotions with food, you are also shutting off your natural intelligence. That leaves you stuck and stressed because unsolved problems don’t go away, which makes you eat more. You have to practice what you learn, and you have to prove to yourself that new insights to eat and lose weight are safe and effective.

Shrink Yourself”s twelve-week step-by-step self-help program gives you new insights every week, pointing out how you can safely experiment and prove to yourself you do not have to shut off your emotions with food. Each week builds on the one before, and gradually you discover you can think more clearly. You create a better life for yourself, and the pounds begin to disappear.

The Three Month Program

12 Guided Sessions & 12 Weekly Workbooks


You begin to break the spell that food has over your life, the spell that makes you think you are powerless and must eat to make yourself forget that illusion. You prove to yourself, with Shrink Yourself’s help, that you can feel and think about what is bothering you without turning to food to shut down your mind.

1. Laying the Foundation

2. Your Emotional Eating Profile

3. Good Options for Bad Feelings

4. The Truth About Your Feelings


You discover you can not only address what is bothering you, but you can actually do something about it. As you do that, food becomes less important. The cravings that have controlled you for years begin to stop. You begin your new identity and are able to solve life’s challenges without needing a quick food fix.

5.Your Life, Your Friends, Your Family

6. Relationship Fixer-Upper

7. Treating Yourself Well

8. Growth Without Weight Gain


Your newly energized self is now free to look at all the underlying issues that drove you to food for relief. Shrink Yourself is with you every step of the way. Understanding the deeper historic origins of your food obsession make this transformation permanent.

Shrink Yourself shows you how to retrain your brain so you can look at food in a new way. You will still love food, but you will be in charge of what, when and how much you eat:

  • The food nightmare will be over.
  • Your mind will be free of conflict.
  • Those extra pounds will be a thing of the past.

9. Dropping Food as a Protection

10. Accepting the New You

11. Ending Food Fights

12. Your Secrets Unlocked

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